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In addition to TFT certificate, Jaya Raya Trasindo has also achieved a Chain of Custody (CoC) Certificate from the Forest Stewardship Council™ (FSC™).

FSC CertificateFSC™ is a non-profit organization based in Bonn, Germany. The Council's stated mission is "to promote environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial and economically viable management of the world's forests". It carries out this role by certifying sustainably managed forestry operations, and tracking their timber through the supply chain to the end product, which can then carry the FSC™ ecolabel, giving consumers the chance to choose to buy sustainable timber products over unsustainably harvested alternatives.

FSC™ is an international organization that brings people together to find solutions which promote responsible stewardship of the world's forests.
  • FSC™ is a stakeholder owned system for promoting responsible management of the world's forests.
  • Through consultative processes, it sets international standards for responsible forest management.
  • It accredits independent third party organizations who can certify forest managers and forest product producers to FSC™ standards.
  • Its trademark provides international recognition to organizations who support the growth of responsible forest management.
  • Its product label allows consumers worldwide to recognize products that support the growth of responsible forest management worldwide.
  • FSC™ undertakes marketing programs and information services that contribute to the mission of promoting responsible forestry worldwide.

Over the past 13 years, over 90 million hectares in more than 70 countries have been certified according to FSC™ standards while several thousand products are produced using FSC™-certified wood and carrying the FSC™ trademark. FSC™ operates through its network of National Initiatives in 45 countries.

Certification process
Any timber company or other organization that wishes to become FSC™-certified and bear their logo must first contact an accredited third party certification body. The FSC™ does not directly certify forests but certifies the auditors that do. Certification representatives inspect the forestry practices to determine whether it complies with FSC™ standards. The timber products are tracked through the supply chain from source to sale using mobile GPS technology developed by Helveta. This guarantees that the products bearing the FSC™ logo are from the certified forests.

Forest Stewardship Council™ - official website

TFT CertificateProcuring raw materials using sustainable forest management standard practices is one of the goals of Jaya Raya Trasindo. To prove this commitment, Jaya Raya Tasindo has achieved a Chain of Custody (CoC) Certificate from the Tropical Forest Trust (TFT). Jaya Raya Trasindo is a subsidary of SITRA HOLDINGS (International) Limited., Singapore.

TFT is focussed on making the trade of timber from sustainable forest management standard practice. TFT works with partners at all stages of the supply chain – from forest producers, to mills and factories, to retailers who sell tropical wood products (like garden furniture) at their stores. By promoting sustainable forestry, TFT seeks to give tropical forests value as fully functioning ecosystems, rather than as land cleared for alternative uses.

TFT is a UK registered not-for-profit company, with offices in the UK, Switzerland, Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam and Gabon. The TFT is governed by a Board comprising representatives of its members and independent experts.

TFT helps its members to manage and monitor their supply chains and it helps the forests that anchor those supply chains to achieve FSC™ certification. TFT currently recognises the Forest Stewardship Council™ as the leading international forest certification scheme providing credible independent assurance that source forests are well managed.

TFT assists member companies to find out where their wood currently comes from. Having done so – or having identified the reasons why it is impossible to do so – the TFT helps its members to develop policies for where they want their wood to come from in the future.

Tropical Forest Trust - official website

WWF - GFTN CertificateJaya Raya Trasindo realized that illegal logging is hurting the industry and the company does not condone it. This is shown from our commitment that we only receive logs that came from legal logging. Therefore, Jaya Raya Trasindo is a proud member of WWF's Global Forest & Trade Network (GFTN) in Indonesia.

WWF’s Global Forest & Trade Network is one of the WWF initiatives to eliminate illegal logging through credible stepwise approach. By facilitating trade links between companies committed to achieving and supporting responsible forestry, the GFTN creates market conditions that help conserve the world’s forests while providing economic and social benefits for the businesses and people that depend on them.

GFTN works with any medium-size or large enterprise, including primary mills, secondary processors, importers, manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers, that purchase or procure forest products. In appropriate circumstances it may also serve to guide smaller enterprises. Furthermore, GFTN also work with forest concession and implement credible stepwise approach.

WWF's Global Forest & Trade Network (GFTN)

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